The Program

Receive 100% Commission +
Earn Free Income for Life

Partner with us and receive 100% commission on the sales you make now, and commission for life on the sales of the agents you refer!!

Prosperity International Realty seeks agents to expand our growing brokerage firm. We are looking for motivated, professional, licensed real estate agents who know how to generate leads and are tired of paying their brokerage firm thousands of hard-earned commission dollars.

Do you want to earn a more steady income and make more money? If this is you, read on!

We offer a two-pronged alternative to the traditional realtor commission model, plus MLS listings, plus listings on major real estate portals, plus a premiere South Beach address, plus mentorship opportunities, plus more money!

  1. 100 percent commission program:We offer a 100 percent commission program. With this program you pay a low transaction fee per sale or lease, and keep the entire commission.
    • Make and keep 100 percent of all your commissions
    • Work for a premiere professional real estate brokerage firms in South Florida.
    • Plus get leads and access to our exclusive seller service model.
    • We also offer an excellent E&O insurance program.


  2. Referral bonus:With our agent referral program, you earn a percentage of the sales made by agents you refer and all the agents in your group.You can earn up to 15% out of every completed deal made by each agent in your referred group, based on flexible commission program of 70% to 100%
    The more agents you refer, the more you earn. Continue to earn this bonus on your agents’ sales even if you no longer working.

    • Earn a referral bonus on every completed transaction made by agents.
    • Start earning passive income and watch your bank account grow.
    • Keep earning income on the sales of your referrals even when you decide to retire, as long as your referrals are licensed and work for Prosperity International.

Earn 100 percent of your commission
On all your sales

Isn’t it time you worked for a brokerage firm that believes you should keep the money you make? Prosperity International Realty offers our agents 100% commission on all their transactions. If you’re a talented and driven salesperson, then join Prosperity International and get 100% of all your commissions.

Prosperity International Realty is a brokerage firm dedicated to serving the needs of residential and commercial clients. Properties are located throughout Florida, with thousands of different properties available. We offer Florida licensed agents an opportunity to grow careers with 100% commission plans.

With our 100% commission program, our licensed real estate agents pay only a low transaction fee of just $375.00 per deal. That low transaction fee stays the same no matter how big the deal.

If you are tired of sharing thousands of dollars of your hard-earned commissions with your broker, Prosperity International Realty, LLC has the best 100% agent commission program. 


With over three decades of business experience, Eli Shuber knows how to succeed. Prosperity International Realty provides the opportunity to work with an entrepreneurial, innovative real estate brokerage firm while managing the residual cost of doing business.

Prosperity International Realty builds on our CEO’s business acumen to offer a partnership model benefiting agents and brokers, with the goal of increasing deal opportunities for all our partners at Prosperity International. This offer is exclusively for South Florida Realtors, this is the best plan to build your business.


Benefits of Working with Prosperity

  • Negotiate your own commission rates with customers, or take advantage of our innovative commission models for clients
  • Commission on referrals paid for life, even if you stop working.
  • Exclusive South Beach address, more on the way.
  • Make passive income from completed transactions of agents you recruit.
  • Offer full-service listings.
  • Assistance with showings and buyer responses. All calls, emails, and messages on your listings are forwarded to you automatically
  • Free inclusion of your listings on all the major portals
  • Input your own listings and photos directly into the MLS
  • Assistance building your online presence
  • Be part of a growing company with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Full or Part-Time Agents Welcome
  • Full-Time Broker Support and After-Hours Support
  • Work From Home – No need to come into the office
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Collegial, professional environment
  • No Franchise Fees, No Hidden Fees
  • No Monthly Sales Quota
  • No Required Floor Time or Meetings
  • Multilingual support- Tap many markets